Artist  Elke Bügler


This is all about being in the public eye!

Get an overview of exhibitions and participation in art competitions, as well as awards and recognition.

My participation in exhibitions!

Much of today's world revolves around digital media. Exhibitions are partly online, artworks are digitally transmitted and sometimes only shown on screens. This has made it easier to participate, and there are an incredible number of opportunities to show your work in group exhibitions around the world. However, as an artist you are not necessarily present in person at every exhibition.
But it's not quite that simple - you have to keep an eye out online for publications about upcoming exhibitions. Often you can apply to take part in a themed exhibition with a selection of your work. The selection is then made by an experienced board of trustees, so any confirmation to show one of my works is a nice recognition.
If I have been to an exhibition or opening myself, I am happy to share some personal impressions here.

Recognitions of my artwork!

As with open exhibitions, you can apply to take part in art competitions by submitting one or more artworks. The applications are also made digitally, and the calls for entries often specify a theme that the artwork must reflect in a comprehensible way. So the confirmation of participation is already a nice recognition that I, as an artist, am happy about.