Artist  Elke Bügler

Welcome to my world of Art.

It is a pleasure for me to take you on a journey into the world of my paintings.

In my studio, new things often arise from a spontaneous idea.

Preferably undisturbed and without further plans for the day. Start, let go and trust your own intuition.

The duration and intensity of the creation varies greatly.
It evolves in a flowing process until I declare it finished and ready to present publicly.

Many things need their right time in life. This is in memory of my art teacher who wanted me to become an artist many years ago. I decided otherwise at the time, but what is given once finds its own way.

For Christmas 2020 I received an invitation from my daughter to take part in an ArtNight together. The idea was to spend a creative evening with others painting a chosen subject under the guidance of an artist.

The first time it was just great fun. The second time, in 2022, we chose a theme and that evening I thought: wow, it's still there. The third, in January 2023, was so much fun that I decided to just keep going. I bought canvas, paints and brushes and started.And realised that you don't forget anything in life if you really love it. Painting brings me into harmony with my mental world. I would like to share this with you through the expression in my artwork.