Artist  Elke Bügler


Here is an overview of all the paintings that are still available as original works of art. They are just waiting to find a nice place where the lucky new owner and art lover can enjoy them every time!

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All artworks are also painted on the sides and labelled on the back with a number, title, date, name and logo. They are signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Acryl on Canvas. 100 x 70 cm.

I always think of summer. And the sea. Am I missing something? Yes, I am. The bright sun, the warm summer breeze, the fine beach sand under my bare feet, the relaxing rhythm of the lapping waves. Yes, everything.

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  • IMG_0340
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  • IMG_0347


Acryl on canvas. 80 x 80 cm.

Past the city lights... There's nothing to explain. Maybe you're in the back of a taxi, looking out the window. Or you're on a fast-moving train, its steady rhythm putting you in a relaxed, dreamy mood. Your thoughts pass by like the lights of the city.

  • 032D_Citylights
  • 032_Citylights
  • IMG_0416
  • IMG_0419
  • IMG_0420


Acryl on Canvas. 100 x 100 cm.

Blue is perhaps the most underrated colour. It calms the mind and makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Let your thoughts flow and feel your heart beat. Breathe in - breathe out - let your thoughts run free... Immerse yourself deeply in the colour blue, like in the sea.

  • 031D_IntoTheBlue
  • 031_IntoTheBlue
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  • IMG_0279
  • IMG_0280


Acryl on canvas. 100 x 70 cm.

I really miss summer and winter always seems to be the longest season. Since there are no flowers outside, painting these beauties is my only way to survive.
This is my sunflower, all natural style, including the rough canvas, which has only been covered once with transparent gesso. Sunflowers are usually very large - so I had to use two canvases.
Different shades of yellow and orange make them glow and are the best companion through these winter days.

  • 030D_Sunflower
  • 031_Sunflower
  • IMG_0286
  • IMG_0291
  • IMG_0283



Acryl on canvas. 120 x 100 cm.

In recent years, autumn has felt more like late summer and has only been recognisable as such for a short time. Especially the time when the leaves change before the wind blows them from the trees seems very short to me. I associate falling leaves with childhood memories - jumping through piles of leaves and throwing them carelessly into the air. Here I am letting the leaves blow away as the wind drives into a pile of leaves and whirls everything in one direction.

  • 029D_AutumnPlays
  • 029_AutumnPlays
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  • IMG_0299
  • IMG_0300
  • IMG_0306


Acryl on Canvas. 80 x 60 cm.

I remembered the special glow of lavender fields in the sun and decided to bring it to canvas. In the end, I don't know how many layers of different shades of blue and lilac it took to bring this magical play of colours to life.
It doesn't really matter, I like it in its luminous state. The painting gives the feeling of walking through endless fields of lavender, and summer is always there and never ends.

  • 026D_LavenderField
  • 026_LavenderFields
  • IMG_0027
  • IMG_0028
  • IMG_0029


Acryl on Canvas. 90 x 80 cm.

These two colours make each other glow. I had seen this obviously unplanned sample of both colours in a theatre studio some time ago and could not forget the special relationship between them. So I felt the need to make them dance together on my canvas.
It took many layers of paint to achieve this glow. As I worked with the idea it became clearer and the movement in the abstraction was found intuitively.
Turn on the music and let them dance until dawn!

  • 025D_TheyDance_1
  • 025_TheyDance_1
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  • IMG_0111
  • IMG_0107


Acryl on canvas. 120 x 80 cm

The sea. A wave. Moments of freedom and happiness. Holiday, beach, sun, relaxation, surfing....
But also a reminder of the rough side of our nature, which can be beautiful but also deadly. Big waves are always in demand by all kinds of surfers. Everyone is looking for their own perfect wave. For some, it is the ultimate prize and the last ride on earth. For others, the next wave must be a greater challenge to satisfy their endless hunger.
But everyone is fascinated by the beauty of big waves and cannot resist the love of the sea. Or is there really anyone who doesn't?

  • 024D_TheWave_1
  • 024_TheWave
  • IMG_0070
  • IMG_0066
  • IMG_0067


Acryl on canvas. 80 x 120 cm.

It's about the feeling of summer in cities. The geometries of the blocks of houses disappearing in the glaring sunlight. What remains is the shimmering warmth.
At the beginning of this work it was more about the structure of the buildings, the view around the corner into a small street. It was only half enough, and I felt I needed to take it more into abstraction, to reveal the idea directly to the viewer.
Especially now that autumn is taking its place in a very dominant way, I like to be inspired by memories of summer. The feeling of a breezy summer dress, barefoot in sandals, happy evenings outdoors with friends, endless into the night....
Maybe this is my way of holding on to summer a little longer....

  • 023D_SummerInTheCity
  • 023_SummerInTheCity
  • IMG_0024
  • IMG_0045
  • IMG_0047
  • IMG_0040


Acryl on Canvas. 100 x 100 cm.

There is no way to describe something like passion. Whether or not you have found it and how you live it makes a huge difference to everything in life.
If you know what I mean and can go with the flow, I am sure you too will be a happy person.
I love red, it is a passionate colour with many facets. Creating this artwork was a relaxing time for me, but it was not easy to find the point to finish it. In the end, it has many layers of red glaze that give it a depth to emulate the theme of the title.

  • 022D_AboutPassion
  • 022_AboutPassion
  • IMG_0030
  • IMG_0031
  • IMG_0032
  • IMG_0034
  • IMG_0035


Acryl on Canvas. 70 x 100 cm.

Follow the magical silence that descends on the sea after sunset. A tired heaviness takes hold of the softly lapping waves and invites even the seagull to dream. Let it take you and carry your thoughts out into the infinite...

  • 021D_Tranquility
  • 021_Tranquility
  • IMG_0081
  • IMG_0087
  • IMG_0088


Acryl on Canvas. 70 x 100 cm.

It is about the human spirit, growing older and forgetting. Some people forget themselves and lose touch with the world around them. You never know what is going to happen until it happens.

  • 020D_Fading
  • 020_Fading
  • IMG_0077
  • IMG_0073
  • IMG_0074


Acryl on Canvas. 80 x 100 cm.

Is it a flower? Is it a butterfly? It is a symbiosis that shows how summer begins each year.
Here I have picked up on my favourite theme of giving a flower a unique look and welcoming a summer full of promise. The black ground brings out the red-orange and the touch of green balances the composition.

  • 019D_ProclaimingSummer
  • 019_ProclaimingSummer
  • IMG_0057_1
  • IMG_0061
  • IMG_0065


Acryl on Canvas. 80 x 90 cm.

I recommend the film of the same name, which gave me the idea for this work of art. To take it to the point of total abstraction by capturing the content elements in a comprehensible way, without including the human component.
An absolutely breathtaking documentary that I couldn't forget for years. You don't know what would happen if you were in such a situation. And no one can imagine what these friends went through. Such an experience changes everything in your life forever and irrevocably.
For me, it is okay not to know when the journey in the here and now will end. But I am sure that in every human being there is a will to survive that must be stronger than anything you can ever imagine.

  • 018D_TouchingTheVoid
  • 018_TouchingTheVoid
  • IMG_0117
  • IMG_0114
  • IMG_0115


Acryl on Canvas. 80 x 80 cm.

A Buddhist monk in meditation. Silence and respectful distance are created by the wall and grid. The experience of this moment is supported by the calming base colour of turquoise.
The artwork is suitable for any interior style and should be displayed alone to achieve its full effect. It is particularly suited to a place of tranquillity where, like the monk, one can immerse oneself in relaxation.

  • 017D_PeaceOfSilence
  • 017_PeaceOfSilence
  • IMG_0120
  • IMG_0126
  • IMG_0129


Acryl on Canvas. 80 x 80 cm.

Protected by the blue structure in the foreground, monks pray in front of a golden Buddha statue, countless colourful flags fluttering in the wind. A monastery in Nepal or similar places that remind you to strengthen your own inner peace, no matter what is happening around you. So the soothing blue is fragmented, but always able to maintain its mindfulness.

  • 016D_PrayersCloseToHeaven
  • 016_PrayersCloseToHeaven
  • IMG_0136
  • IMG_0137
  • IMG_0140


Acryl on Canvas. 80 x 100 cm.

Dimensions in space are different for everyone. You can find your own perspective by looking at the colours in this artwork.
This artwork was created on a foundation of different levels of red tones. The dimensions presented were not experiential, and one evening I let my ideas run wild, experimenting with new tools and colours. Multi-dimensional structures emerged, enhanced by the underlying red.

  • 015D_Dimensions
  • 015_Dimensions
  • IMG_0165
  • IMG_0181
  • IMG_0184


Acryl on Canvas. 80 x 60 cm.

I love flowers and I like to give them a stage on canvas to show their beauty. Wild flowers in particular have a very luminous presence.
The depth of colour and luminosity of the painting makes it an unmissable focal point. It is therefore suitable for any style of interior and can be displayed with other works of art.


  • 014D_WildRoseShining
  • 014_WildRose
  • IMG_0201
  • IMG_0189
  • IMG_0205


Acryl on Canvas. 60 x 80 cm.

  • 013D_WindInYourSails
  • 013_WindInYourSails


Acryl on Canvas. 40 x 80 cm.

People and water are inextricably linked and sailing is always a wonderful experience.
Simply capturing a sailing boat in motion with a palette knife is what I have done here for the second time, having previously achieved a clear, bright blue in various glazes. A quick goodbye and it's up and away....
Because the work is so subdued in a soothing shade of blue, its vibrant depth of colour makes it an unmissable eye-catcher. This makes it suitable for any style of interior and works well with matching artwork. Place it where you can take the momentum of the boat with you wherever you go.

  • 012D_SailingAway
  • 012_SailingAway
  • IMG_0210
  • IMG_0211
  • IMG_0216


Acryl on Canvas. 70 x 100 cm.

Find your inner spirit by looking at this burning structure. Let it guide you. Live your passion.
This piece is the result of an intense day of playing with glazes and pigments. I had previously worked out the basic nuances in different reds and glazes and then intuitively found my way into the flowing structure.
The painting is restrained in red and gold, but its depth of colour and vibrancy make it an unmissable eye-catcher. This abstract artwork is particularly recommended as a solitaire and eye-catcher, and will suit any interior style. It will fit in a living room, a studio, an office - wherever you want it.

  • 009D_BurningSpirit
  • 009_BurningSpirit
  • IMG_0150
  • IMG_0147
  • IMG_0146



Acryl on Canvas. 80 x 60 cm

I have a great love for flowers and like to give them a big stage on canvas. This beauty was born from an intuitive exploration of the sweep of a flower's lines and reflects my love of all shades of red. Although monochrome, the depth of colour and luminosity of the painting make it an unmissable focal point. It is therefore suitable for any style of interior and can be displayed with other works of art.

  • 007D_RedWishFlower
  • 007_RedWishFlower